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Basement Mix
01 Rick Wilhite “Playcism (Mike Huckaby Reconstruction)
02 Kyle Hall “Ghosten”
03 Angelo Mele “Q Disk”
04 Seven Davis Jr. “All Kinds”
05 Actress “Lost”
06 Unknown Artist “Whispering” (Jazzmattik Rawdrum Edit)
07 Kornel Halasz “Pesto Resto”
08 Silvia Zaragoza & Erin Leah “Just A Girl” (Spen’s Just A Dub)
09 Elements Of Life “Live Your Life” ft Josh Milan & Louie Vega
10 Cosmin TRG “Fizic”
11 Paolo Rocco “Move Body, Move Forward” (Yoruba Soul Dub)
12 Axel Bowman “Kings & Emporers”
13 Herbert “Intro The Yeah”
14 Redshape “Laser”
15 Elements Of Life “Hot Music”

compiled and mixed by Osunlade


Karizma - “Hear And Now” feat. Osunlade

R2 Records     

Genre: House / Electronic

Formats:   12” (Ltd Clear Vinyl 500) / Digital

12” Release Date: 27th January 2014 

Digital: 17th February 2014 (for 1 month only)

Cat No.: R2029

One of the stand out tracks from Karizma’s “Wall Of Sound” album, “Hear And Now” features the inimitable vocals of the mighty Osunlade over a sweet Karizma groove; future sounding, yet reminiscent of days gone by. For this very special 12” release Osunlade has created his own edit of the track, taking the parts and extending the arrangement for his own “Disco Mix”.

Continuing the Yoruba connection, Osunlade has also blessed us with a full on Yoruba Soul Remix of “One Note Jam” taking this club banger to explosive new territory as only he knows how.

Finally, “Nuffin Else” gets its first appearance on vinyl after becoming many people’s favourite off the album to complete this essential package.

Limited Edition Clear Vinyl (500) / Digital available for limited period.

Side A:

“Hear And Now” feat. Osunlade (Osunlade Official Edit)

 “One Note Jam” (Yoruba Soul Remix Redux)

Side B:

1.   “Nuffin Else”

Third Ear podcast DECEMBER 2013

Denite – I Love To Talk (3EEP-2014_01) January 2014 release

Filippo Blasi Foglietti – Ting A (3EEP-2013_09)

Denite – Keep It Down (3EEP-2014_01) January 2014 release

Filippo Blasi Foglietti – Acid 9 (3EEP-2013_09)

El Prevost feat. D. Ham – Allez Ally [Dan Ghenacia remix] (3EEP-2014_02) January 2014 release.

:Brownstudy – Glorious Future (3ECD/LP-2013_06) March 2014 release
MGUN – Mask (3EEP-2013_10)

Wbeeza – WarFear (3EEP-100)

:Brownstudy – Dead Doldrums (3ECD/LP-2013_06) March 2014 release

El Prevost feat. D. Ham – Allez Ally [Shonky remix] (3EEP-2014_02) January 2014 release.

Sarrass – A New Day 3EEP-2012_08

:Brownstudy – Bitchslapping Motherfuckers To Hell (3ECD/LP-2013_06) March 2014 release

Third Ear podcast December 2013 packed full of tracks coming early in 2014 and tracks from the end of this year. We hit the ground running in 2014 with two releases planned for January. Spanish producer, Denite leads with four bumping grooves that make up the Party Music ep. Next is El Prevost and D.Ham’s Allez Ally which Apollonia have been caning and opened their Fabric 70 mix CD with. Dan Ghenacia and Shonky have given the track a new groove and set up D.Ham’s wonderful flow to reach many more dance floors with two hard and funky remixes. There are two tracks from Filippo Blasi Foglietti’s deep and trippy John Nixon Memorial ep, the wonderful, hypnotic Mask from MGUN’s recent Some Tracks ep, and three amazing ‘out-there’ joints from Detroit’s :Brownstudy, from the album Life Well Lived which is released in March. Wbeeza’s weapon War Fear makes a rare appearance, although maybe not so rare as it still gets charted regularly. Finally, Sarrass’s brilliant A New Day, which we included in this podcast because his debut album, titled Dirty Gear will be released in April.

Submerse AKA Rob Orme is in the mix this week. Mixing ambient with hip hop and electronica, Rob has released for the likes of Apollo, Project Mooncircle and Maltine Records. Tunes in this mix come from Kidkanevil, Blossom and Submerse himself!

Submerse In The Mix
Blossom FT Jehst - Dusk (Unreleased)
Submerse – Sayz U (Self Released)
Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe – Frogs In A Well (Project Mooncircle)
Rain Dog – Watch Over (Unreleased)
Ellie Goulding - Anything Could Happen (Submerse Remix) (Polydor)
Wanz – Bloom (Unreleased)

Today we team up with to offer you one track out of Blossom’s new release “Blue Balloons / The Longest Journey” (2LP / Digital) available on Dec. 20th 2013

Ltd. 2LP vinyl version ➥ | |

Digital version ➦

This December Project Mooncircle will be releasing the sophomore album by Polish producer Blossom, entitled „The Longest Journey“ on vinyl. As a bonus we added his debut album „Blue Balloons“ to the package, which will be pressed on vinyl for the first time.

“The Longest Journey“ (2013) represents the musical journey of Łukasz Czajewski, depicting a one year cycle in his life, rich in thoughts, important life-events and experiences. He processed influences like nature, mind-created images and innervisions to create an album about one’s journey into the understanding of the world, soul, consciousness and creation. While seasons came and went, he reflected on these events and gained valuable experiences. Every single track has its unique meaning and is a part of this inner expedition. Ultimately, it all comes down to one question: Where are YOU heading in Your journey?

Several months of hard work between January 2010 and October 2011 resulted in “Blue Balloons“, an album filled with delicately arranged downtempo guitar motifs, distinctive complex rhythms and complementing rich basslines, all encased in the unique aura that sorrounds’s debut album and gives it a deeply
atmospheric feel.

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